Breakfast at Lord Camden Inn is included with your stay! Our creative, healthy and memorable buffet is traditionally offered buffet-style each morning from 7am to 10am in our lobby lounge, Vintage Room. However, due to the updated COVID-19 safety guidelines, our breakfast service has been modified.

COVID Breakfast Modifications

  • In place of our traditional buffet service, breakfast will be prepared and packaged in brown paper bags with your room number written on it.
  • Guests will order and specify approximate pick-up time the day before. Breakfast will be picked up in our dining room located on the 2nd floor.
  • Our breakfast staff are thoroughly trained in proper food handling and sanitization procedures to provide you a worry free and delicious breakfast experience.
  • Our staff will be wearing personal protective equipment throughout the entire breakfast preparation and delivery process.

Our daily breakfast schedule and offerings will include pre-packaged blueberry muffins, whole fruit washed in vinegar and wrapped in plastic, a yogurt cup, bottled orange juice, breakfast sandwich with egg, sliced cheddar, on a toasted English muffin, wrapped in foil sheet & pre-warmed. Disposable napkins and spoons will be included.

(Gluten free muffin and bagel options will be available upon request for GF guests)

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